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Procedure Prep

The Procedure

Your stay in the facility will be approximately 2 ½ hours. If you are having a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy you will receive sedation for your procedure.

It is required that you have a driver to take you home after sedation. If you do not have a driver, your procedure will be cancelled and rescheduled for a later date.

Your ride is welcome to wait in our waiting room or we will be happy to call them when you arrive in the recovery area. Please have a valid telephone number where they can be reached allowing them to arrive in a prompt and timely manner. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to drive yourself.

Any family accompanying a minor is asked to stay in the facility.

How to schedule a procedure

All procedures are scheduled with Central California Endoscopy Center (CCEC) through the office of the physician who will be performing the procedure. Either you will have seen that physician prior to the procedure or your primary care physician has arranged for that physician's office to schedule the procedure. If you need to change the date of your procedure please notify the office of the physician performing the procedure. If you do not know the name of that physician you can contact Central California Endoscopy Center at (559) 385-2838 or your primary care physician.

Procedure Preparation


In order to allow the physician to examine the entire length of the large intestine (colon) a liquid preparation taken by mouth is required. It is important to take the preparation as directed and notify the physician performing the procedure if you are unable to take it for any reason. If you do not take the liquid preparation the physician will not be able to examine the colon adequately and the procedure will be cancelled.
Commonly prescribed oral preparations are Nulytely, Colytely, Miralax, Prepopik and Citrate of Magnesia. The preparation is up to the discretion of the physician performing the procedure not CCEC. Each preparation comes with a set of specific instructions. Please review these instructions at least two days prior to your procedure to make sure you are clear on its use. However, if you have any questions about the preparation you were prescribed please contact your physician's office.

Please remember that a successful colonoscopy requires a complete and through bowel preparation.


Usually the only preparation for upper endoscopy is to abstain from food and liquids after midnight prior to your procedure. Some physicians will allow a patient who is having a procedure late in the day (after 2pm) to drink small amounts of clear liquids four hours before the scheduled procedure. However this is not the case with all physicians. Please refer to the specific instructions from your physician.

Before your Procedure

  • Please follow these guidelines the day of your procedure to assure that you are appropriately prepared for your exam.
  • Please do not take any medications after midnight unless instructed by your physician. If you are diabetic or take any blood pressure medication, refer to your instructions from the physician performing the procedure. If you are not sure if you should take certain medications, call your physician's office.
  • If you take blood thinners please refer to your instructions from the physician performing the procedure or call their office for direction. In most cases blood thinners are stopped but not always. If you are not sure if you should take your blood thinner call your physician's office.
  • Do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight on the day prior to your exam unless instructions from your physician say it is OK or you have been directed to take a colon cleansing preparation on the morning of your procedure.
  • Specific preparation for your procedure will be given to you by your physician’s office and any questions you may have should be directed to their office.

If you have any questions about your appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us at (559) 385-2838 or contact us online.